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Top Downloads for January 2020

Title Creator Publisher Date Count
Tecumseh's Prophecy: Preparing for the Next New Madrid Earthquake U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 1990 29
Southeast Asia Association of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (SEASEE) Series on Seismology Volume 5: Indonesia Southeast Asia Association of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (SEASEE) 1985-06 13
European Macroseismic Scale 1998 European Seismological Commission (ESC) 1998 7
Facing the Challenges of Natural Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean: An IDB Action Plan Inter-American Development Bank 2000-03 7
Earthquake Risk Reduction in Megacities: Lessons Learned and Recent Research Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative (EMI) 2009-12 4
Recent developments in avalanche risk management in Switzerland WSL Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF 2004 2
Tsunami, one year on: A summary of the implementation of the Phuket Action Plan World Tourism Organization (WTO) 2005 2
Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation of Hospital Buildings: Providing Protection to People and Buildings Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 2003-12 2
Earthquake Risk Management Strategies: The Iranian Experience International Institute of Earthquake Engineering Seismology (IIEES) 2005-09 2
Mitigation of Geohazards in Indonesia German Technical Cooporation (GTZ) 2004-12 2

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