Statistics Report for : Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

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Statistical Report for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)

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Title Creator Publisher Date Count
The Global Water Crisis: Addressing an Urgent Security Issue United Nations University - Institute for Water, Environment and Health 2012 480
Information Products: Water, Sanitation and Health World Health Organization (WHO) 2004 82
Integrated Water Resources Management in Pacific Island Countries: A Synopsis Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) 2007 21
Natural Disaster Mitigation in Drinking Water and Sewerage Systems: Guidelines for Vulnerability Analysis Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) 2001 21
Our Planet: Water, Sanitation, People United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) 2003 11
Freshwater Ecosystem Conservation: Towards a Comprehensive Water Resources Management Strategy Inter-American Water Resources Network 1997 10
Use of Historical Data as a Decision Support Tool in Watershed Management: A Case Study of the Upper Nilwala Basin in Sri Lanka International Water Management Institute (IWMI) 1999 10
UN-Water Global Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water: Targeting resources for better results World Health Organization (WHO) 2010 10
Indian Ocean Islands: GIWA Regional assessment 45b United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 2004 9
Sources and Nature of Water Quality Problems in Asia and the Pacific United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) 1998 9